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Google Penguin

By now, you have already felt the effects of Google Penguin on your website’s ranking; but no need to worry we have gathered possible ways to prevent your rankings from plummeting.
Many internet marketers today are devastated by Google Penguin and the recent changes in the search engine giant’s algorithm. The Penguin update was launched in late April and has since plagued thousands of websites, businesses, and the SEO industry, in general. The major change was Google’s answer to search engine spamming.
Search engine spamming employs the use of too much keywords or “keyword stuffing and cloaking”, to try to trick Google(in this case) and eventually dominate in the rankings. This is a clear of violation Google’s search engine optimization guidelines and is subject to certain penalties. Rest assured, by following the guidelines below, there is a great chance of surviving Google Penguin.
Tip #1: Monitor your search related traffic results. If you notice a sudden drop, make an effort to search the root cause and act on it quickly.
Tip #2: Immediately remove the spam you have created in the past. Be aware of Google’s messages about your “spammy” activities, it is best to heed their warning.
Tip #3: There is such thing as too much, so never over-optimized your website. For off-page optimization you should only have adequate variation on your anchor text; if possible only 20% of target specific keywords should be used. Furthermore, make sure to have diversified backlinks on relevant contents or post; avoid at all cost, paid links which will only drain your money and put you into trouble.
Tip #4: For on-page optimization, only employ natural tags for keywords. Keyword density must appear relevant and engaging. Start by building a wide array of elements like images, videos and social media presence for your page; also consider moderating your comments.
It is not easy to recover from the dreaded Google Penguin, but not impossible. All you need is to be relentless and dedicated with what you are doing – invest time and effort. Above all, strictly follow the rules.

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