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website check

Nowadays there are few businesses without a website.  Websites are our link to our customers and they let people know what we do and where we are.  Frankly it’s hard to remember a time without one.

Too often businesses let their website sit idle year after year with stagnate content.  You know your website is an integral part of your marketing plan and it needs regular check-ups.  If you haven’t updated your website in the last two or three years, chances are you may already be on your way to losing customers.

Start your website health check today with the following:

1.       Know your customer. How have they changed in the last few years?

2.      Know your website.  Who are your visitors?  Where do they come from?

3.       Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing.

4.       Make your site user-friendly and professional. What was the ‘latest’ two years ago is

now out of date.

5.       Update your latest news. If it’s older than six months you may as well take it off.

6.      Make sure the website content is current – correct phone numbers, personnel, location etc

7.     Revisit your Search Engine Optimisation key words.

8.      Put a Google map on your contact page so your customers can find you easier.

9.      Link your website to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In.

And finally …

10.    Write new website content.  Pleeeeease.

Nothing says ‘Hey look at me I’m unprofessional’ more than out-dated and unusable content.

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