Ecommerce – Is Twitter Dead or Just Sleeping?


Why use Twitter?

No one thought that Twitter could become a powerful marketing tool. In fact, like any other social media sites, its main purpose is to create a virtual place where people can connect with their friends instantly. But lo and behold, it quickly became an essential part of social media marketing.

Amplify the power of Twitter as a marketing tool by following these practices:

Create interest before selling anything

It is definitely not a good to start pitching right away. You have to feed your audience with quality content first before anything else. Start tweeting interesting topics that will entice potential customers and create relevant discussions.

Monitor your Twitter followers

Check your followers and see how many of them will become actual sales leads. It is best to use quality web traffic-monitoring software to accurately determine bounce rates and conversion rates. No better way to improve your company’s Twitter performance than by getting the right Twitter-generated traffic.

Understand your target audience

Twitter caters to different kinds of visitors every day. This means that you need to provide content across all demographics. Take note of your customers’ tweets so you will have a clearer picture of their interests.

Reach out to potential customers outside your network

Take advantage of hashtags and reach more users. Start adding those popular hashtags to your tweets so new users can connect with you. Plus, promoting other user’s material is essential and beneficial to your brand. It’s all about building a strong virtual community.

Surprise your audience with exclusive offers

Spice up your Twitter page by making a conscious effort to write teasers about exclusive offers and discounts. Host fun games within your network and reward participants with discount codes, or links to free content -anything to make it engaging and interesting to the audience.

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