Social Media – Leveraging Hashtags


Avoiding the Social Media Noise

Are you struggling to reach your target audience? Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram are cluttered with loads of people talking about many different things all at the same time.
The question is: how do you get past the clutter and bring clarity to your social conversation? The answer is: hashtags.
Hashtags are simply keyword phrases, spelled without spaces, with a hash sign (#) in front of them. For example, ‘#leadgeneration’ and ‘#ILoveOolyBooly’ are both hashtags.
Hashtags are powerful and effective, but only if you know how to use them. They can provide a way to cut through the “noise” of social media. But without a definite strategy, you will just be making even more noise.

Here is a simple strategy of how to effectively use hashtags for your business:

Create Your Hashtag

The hashtag you select is essential, so do your research before putting it out. Make sure that it is unique and not being used by a number of other social media users. If possible, select a hashtag that will describe your brand or industry. Lastly, make sure it is short and easy to remember.

Market Your Hashtag

Place your hashtag on your products and ads. The more you utilize it, the more attention it will obtain. This will help you for two main reasons:
•    Tag Ownership – Others will not use it because it is already in use.

•    Hashtag Trademarks – They are unique monikers that have the power to draw attention in a crowd.

Use Your Hashtag

This is where hashtags can be so entertaining. Try using the following:
•    Drive your audience to a relevant conversation by using an embed widget that combines hashtag related tweets into an effective brand proposition. Embedding the feed will allow your audience to participate in a branded conversation without having to follow each other. This is much better than putting your Twitter account feed on your page.
•    Create a branded hashtag landing page. You need to build a dedicated page with specific blogs, tweets, photos and videos related to your hashtag.
•    Start using tweet-chat. A tweet-chat is a regularly scheduled event that you monitor around your brand. Using a hashtag allows your audience to follow branded conversations and answer moderated questions at various times.
Hashtags offer a new strategy for mobilizing, engaging and activating your customers. However, using the right method greatly affects a hashtag’s efficiency. So make sure to register your hashtags and offer some level of brand protection.
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